LML is closed


After operating Little Moose Lodge for 11 seasons we have made many new friendships with a lot of our guests. It has not been easy operating in this industry but we are glad we did it.

In June, 2015 we sold the original Little Moose property to a family that will use property as a private retreat.

In December 2015 the Trails End Lodge property was sold to 4 local businessman. We have heard it will no longer be operated as a tourist resort. We assume there will be another float plane base developed because one of the businessman wanted our LML property for that.

Anyhow there is now two less operating camps on the lake, although it keeps getting busier on the lake with new homes built every year, more private air planes and more workers from the local gold mine that is starting up.

Reasons for us selling LML is:

In the past few years Clearwater-Pipestone Chain of Lakes has seen a decline in fishing and hunting success for our guests, as well as us.

The lake is just too busy, especially in our bay, we want to be at a lake with a lot less recreational use.

Costs of portage passes continually increasing, It was $25 and $30 for a round trip pass in 2015, in our opinion far too much and we hated that our guests had to pay that much.

It was extremely difficult to find local help with guiding and camp help even though we paid well above average.

The opening of the open pit gold mine nearby has also been a big reason to leave, it creates jobs but also creates a busier area and a dusty environment in our opinion.

All of our past guests can be assured we will not share our extensive guest list with any other camp. We hope that if you continue to visit our beautiful country, you find a place you will enjoy, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you desire our feedback, we have met a lot of great camp owners we can refer you too!


We are happy to inform you that we have purchased our Northwest Ontario waterfront retirement home on a 1.5 acres that includes one large guest cottage. Our new home is on Canyon Lake, 20 minutes north of Vermilion Bay and Eagle Lake. The lake is a beauty, 15,000 acres loaded with walleye, muskie, bass and perch!

After we have completed all renovations and additions to the property we would like to offer the guest cottage to our guests who we have developed wonderful relationships with over the years at LML. It will be a few years but when ready we will be in touch. With just one cottage and a few boats we will be able to enjoy quality time with you.

We would like to THANK YOU ALL who have been our guests over the past 11 years and wish you all the best!

Your Hosts and Friends

Terry and Monica Berryman and daughters Kristy and Terrilyn

Our New home on Canyon Lake


View of Canyon Lake from our home

View of Canyon Lake from our home


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